Born London, 1985

Lives and works in London



2008-2011 BA (Hons) Painting, Camberwell College of Arts, London

2005-2008 BA (Joint Hons) English and History of Art, University of Birmingham

2007 Summer Foundation, Slade School of Fine Art, London



Solo Exhibition

2013 Fragments Together, The Peckham Pelican, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 aLIVE Urban Art Show, Vibe Gallery, London

2013 The Presence of Composition, The Gallery Cafe, London

2012 Candid Berlin, Universitat der Kunste Berlin

2011 Camberwell BA Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London

2010 Collaboration with The Found Art Collective, Hackney Wicked Festival, London

2010 Cut, The Biscuit Factory, London



Abstraction's relationship to landscape, particularly cityscapes, is essential to my current paintings. My perception of landscape is a romantic fascination with open space, complicated by urban structures. I rely considerably on my immediate surroundings for imagery and materials. The visual mix of South East London's jumbled architecture with its constant construction work fuels the compositions.

The works consist of recycled materials, such as pieces cut from old paintings, expressionist-style brush-marks and drawn or collaged fragments of landscapes. Pictorial illusion is both created and resisted, playing with colour relations that prompt spatial memory and imagination. The juxtaposition of urban and natural colours and forms is a strong source of inspiration.

A specific engagement reminiscent of a three-dimensional space is aimed for between the collaged components, despite a minimal aesthetic. Modernist concepts of purity and medium self-reflexivity are refuted. A balance is sought between ideas of hybridity and minimalism in abstraction. Reminders of modernist formalism, such as the linear patterns of a crane, are confronted with loose, gestural brushwork or a messy collaged palette. Recycling of ideas, images and materials is an important means of emphasising painting's dependence on particular contexts. Notions of expressive freedom, automatic drawing and the planar geometry of minimalism all contribute to the compositions.

The collage-paintings interact with each other and their surrounding space, often with elements hanging off the picture plane. The potential for literal and suggested linking of individual pieces is an important area of investigation. The work addresses sculptural aspects of painting and three-dimensional drawing. Installation of pieces is an extended act of composition.